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Tin tức

Nhật ký Vincamp – Anh Quốc 2017: Ngày 5

Enjoying Leadership – Public Speaking class and discovering the Shakespeare’s Globe were our special activities today.

Group 1

(By Nhat Ha)

Day 5 of Vincamp was absolutely delightful. We started the day with a delicious breakfast with baked potatoes and bacon which was my favorite. Then we went to our classrooms to learn about leadership and also continued to write our speech for finale night. I really enjoyed the lessons. It consisted of numerous group activities and presentations. After that we went to see the Shakespeare's Globe and had a mini history class. I was really tired but overall had so much fun.

Nhat ky ngay 5 anh 1

(By Hien Anh)

Yesterday was the 5th day of our trip in London. We studied Leadership Development and Public Speaking. After that, we visited Shakespear globe. I've learnt lots of interesting things about the theater and also had a chance to watch the rehearsal for the play. We had a short break to buy books and souvenirs, then quickly moved to the exhibition which has pictures and infomation about Shakespeare, models of the theater and gorgeous costumes. It was an amazing unforgettable day for all of us.

(By Tung Khanh)

Today has been wonderful for me so far. In the morning, I had lessons in the classroom in Ifor Evans Halls. I had Leadership lessons with Aaron and we came up with what we wanted to change about the world.

Next, Maddy taught me some public speaking skills. We practiced saying some sentences with different emotions. We also shortened and lengthened paragraphs to make them more interesting. In the afternoon, we went to our FAVOURITE place, the Shakespeare's Globe. Our tour guide, Ewen was very funny and lovable. The Globe was full of unpredictable and lovely things. The souvenirs were great and affordable (unlike Harry Potter merchandises). In the evening, we worked on our speech. Overall, it was an exciting day!

Group 2

Nhat ky ngay 5 anh 2

(By Bao Ngan)

Another beautiful day and I had much fun. In the morning we had lessons with Mr. Nathan. He taught us a lot of things about Public Speaking, which I had never learnt before: how to change your tone of voice and use body language properly to attract audience. Making a successful speech is not easy and requires much practice. In the afternoon, we went to the Shakespeare's Globe – an old theatre where people were rehearsing for a play. The old stairs of chairs, the stage, the costumes all reminded us of the Shakespear's time. How wonderful to learn about history in its real context. Our day ended with a chance to try fish and chips at a restautant named Hook. Mr. David told us that this was the most famous restaurant for traditional fish and chips in London. Then we went home, had a sound sleep and got ready for the next beautiful day.

Nhat ky ngay 5 anh 3

Group 3

(By Quynh Linh)

Words to describe today: Decent

Weather today: Sunny

My activities: We had our leadership and public speech class in the morning and it was better than last lesson. Aaron brought a bottle of Marmite (THE MEME IS ALIVE) and had us tasted it. It was alright, nothing special, tasted exactly like the Australian Vegemite, and everyone was just overreacting. We went to the Shakespeare’s Globe in the afternoon and learnt a lot about its structures and history. It was great since we got to shop in the souvenir shop. Wherever you got to shop was a great place. We had fish and chips for dinner, then went back to continue our speaking practice session afterwards.

Nhat ky ngay 5 anh 4

Group 5

(By Thuc Quyen)

In the morning, we were at Nathan's class and learnt about the leadership. We know more about famous leaders: John Lennon, Gandhi, Obama, Churchill, Luther King... And then we learnt to present confidently also.

On the second part of the morning, we moved to Panos's class and learnt public speaking and how to use body language.

In the afternoon, we went to the Shakespeare’s Globe. The exhibition that dated back to 400 years ago was amazing.

In the evening, we went to the Hook restaurant and ate British traditional meal: fish and chips. We love this day very much!

Thông tin tham khảo

Trại hè VinCamp được Hệ thống Giáo dục Vinschool (thành viên Tập đoàn Vingroup) tổ chức thường niên dành riêng cho học sinh Vinschool. Chương trình nhằm tạo động lực giúp các em nuôi dưỡng niềm tin về khả năng thay đổi bản thân và cộng đồng, lan tỏa tinh thần sống chủ động, có trách nhiệm, nhằm hướng tới hình mẫu công dân toàn cầu dành cho học sinh Việt Nam.

Năm 2016, Vinschool đã đưa thí sinh xuất sắc nhất VinCamp dự trại hè tại Hoa Kỳ. Năm 2017, chương trình Trại hè Vincamp được tổ chức tại Anh Quốc. Toàn bộ chi phí tổ chức Trại hè VinCamp do Tập đoàn Vingoup tài trợ.

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