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Nhật ký Vincamp – Anh Quốc 2017: Ngày 6

(By Nhat Ha - Group 1)

It's already been 6 days of Vincamp. We started of having breakfast early in the morning at like 7am and went to Bloomsbury. I don’t know how everyone else feels but I love it there, different friends from diverse countries. After we finished our course we went to the Big Ben Tower again, took some photos and went back to the dorm for lunch. In the afternoon we studied for an hour in a half and entered karaoke night. However, I attended Maddie's dancing class which was great fun, I really loved it. We sang some songs and went to bed. Overall, it was wonderful!

Nhat ky ngay 6 anh 1

(By Nhat Anh - Group 1)

Today was an interesting day. We woke up at 7am and started our classes at the Ifor Evans Hall by 9 a.m. We really enjoyed the Leadership and Public Speaking program with Ms.Maddie and Mr.Aaron. Ms.Maddie was an amazing teacher, she made us some actual marketing staffs by giving us things to persuade other students to buy it. I got a spoon

It was really hard at first but then, I got on very well. Mr.Aaron is also brilliant too. He was very humorous and knew how to attract the students to his lessons. Then, we went to the Shakespeare' Globe Theatre. I was really impressed by the rehearsal of the actors who were preparing for their performance, they were very professional and high-focused. Then we went for a walk around the Shakespeare' Museum, all the clothes and artifacts of his play were fantastic. Then we went home and continued writing our speech. It was nice, anyway.

Nhat ky ngay 6 anh 2

(By Minh Nhi - Group 1)

Today was really fun. We started off the day with an amazing breakfast. I had bacon, sausage, hash brown with cereal. Next, I had 3-hour lessons about Leadership and Public Speaking. Before the lesson ended, me, my friends and my teacher- Aaron played games. It was super fun!! Lessons have ended in success.

Nhat ky ngay 6 anh 3

Description: Then I had lunch which is as awesome as the breakfast. I had pasta and some fresh fruit. Then there is the exiciting part, I had a chance to visit The Shakespeare Theatre. I saw the theatre and actors, actresses in there. I got to know more about Shakespeare thanks to Ewan - the tour guide. The tour was brilliant and I would visit it if I had another chance. Everybody arrived to the dorm after the tour. In the evening we had an amazing dinner: fish and chip. Then we pretty much prepared for the Finale Night when we've done eating. Yayyy!!

Nhat ky ngay 6 anh 4

(By Minh Khanh - Group 1)

In the afternoon, we went to Shakespeare's Museum. We met a tour guide named Ewen. He is very funny and very friendly. When we entered the theatre, we were amazed. The stage is really special. We also saw the actors practicing before the show. After that, we went to a restaurant named Hook. We had fish and chip there. It was goodddddd!

(By Nhat Mai)

Nhat ky ngay 6 anh 5

Nhat ky ngay 6 anh 6jpg

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Thông tin tham khảo

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Năm 2016, Vinschool đã đưa thí sinh xuất sắc nhất VinCamp dự trại hè tại Hoa Kỳ. Năm 2017, chương trình Trại hè Vincamp được tổ chức tại Anh Quốc. Toàn bộ chi phí tổ chức Trại hè VinCamp do Tập đoàn Vingoup tài trợ.


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